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Your partner for Railway signaling, infrastructure implementation and retrofitting

Weidmüller is an expert in the transmission of power, signals and data in industrial environment. Our solutions are used in modern production plants in industry, power generation as well as in the ambitious applications of Railway technologies. We work closely with our customer to support them in their digital transformation, with the distribution of power, signals and data, as well as in the development of new business models.

Better climate thanks to increasing rail traffic

0 Mio. t

CO² reduction

until 2030 by an increasing railway passenger traffic

0 Mio. t

CO² reduction

until 2030 by an increasing railway freight transport

0 %

CO² reduction

in the mobility sector until 2050 is the political aim in Germany

Source: VDB Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland E.V., VDB-Klimabild 2030, 2019

Application landscape

Value-added solutions

Digital Transformation – Railway IoT

Increase value by using your system data to generate valuable asset information that enables the right decisions to be made at the right time. Increase the availability of tracks and trains to improve the quality of transport services and, as a consequence, reduce operating costs. Our solution package for your digital railway transformation is a combination of data acquisition communication and connectivity hardware, analysis and visualization software and machine learning and project consultancy.

Digital Transformation – Railway IoT
Your benefits of digital transformation
  • Fault prevention by online detection of critical situation in operation
  • Efficient maintenance planning by dashboard assistance analytics software
  • Downtimes reduction by fault prediction
  • Reduction of operation costs by perfect use of resources

Secure electrical interfaces for trains and tracks

Weidmüller as expert in the transmission of power, signals and data provide you Railway proofed electrical interfaces as assembly services of our Klippon® Connect and Klippon® Protect components as individual engineered solution within few weeks. For this we work closely with our customer to support and assist them in their engineering with tailored electrical interfaces for installation and retrofitting of signaling & infrastructure as well as for secure monitoring and communication interfaces for ETCS and CBTC communication.

Secure electrical interfaces for trains and tracks
Your benefits
  • Professional project management - application consultancy by experienced team
  • Engineering and documentation aid - tailored solution for your application with full package documentation from: 3-D models, test installation samples, 1st sample prototypes
  • Laboratory testing services - reliable electrical-, mechanical-, EMC-, environmental- proofed tested & certified
  • High quality management - IRIS – ISO 9001 certified – Railway welding acc. EN 15085-2

Flexible power distribution connection for rail vehicles

The combination of our two fundamentally different interface concepts to connect high voltage and high current from wagon to wagon or to the traction motor give you the maximum flexibility to solve challenging application even rough environment and in narrow spaces. Either utilise quickly detachable plug-in connections from our HDC product group or create permanent connections with our HV 4000 ring lug terminal series. Our unique high power portfolio provides the optimum of two technologies.

Flexible power distribution connection for rail vehicles
Your benefits
  • Maximum flexibility for tailored electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Long lasting reliable 20% power reserve
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Weight saving

Workplace solutions - Ideally equipped for every work phase

Optimise your panel building workshop processes with perfectly coordinated solutions for every phase of your production chain.

With Weidmüller, you have the perfect partner at your side to support you in all phases of electrical installation within panel building, from planning to installation to operation, with optimally coordinated solutions for your workshop. Based on years of experience in panel building, we will enable you in speeding up your work processes and increasing your quality through effective utilisation of our comprehensive portfolio.

Workplace solutions - Ideally equipped for every work phase
Reducing complexity and increasing efficiency by
  • Planning reliability through data consistency - significant time and cost savings, especially in the demanding project business
  • Digital data continuity from Weidmüller - simplified engineering and comprehensive documentation
  • Safe and efficient working processes

Customer-specific engineering

To fulfil decarbonization targets in the mobility sector, Urban- and Mainline Railway systems have to expand their transport capacity tremendously in the coming decades. The installation and modernization of digital radio based train protection systems like CBTC or ETCS will make a significant contribution to increasing capacities of Metro- and Mainline- railway tracks. A key challenge for the implementation of new antenna and safety components is to have a secure communication and electrical power interface that withstands rough environmental conditions along the railway track and in metro tunnels.

Customer-specific engineering
Specialists of the Weidmüller Assembly Services Team offers tailored Railway proofed electrical interfaces and furthermore
  • Application consultancy by experienced sales team
  • Solution-based engineering on agreed specifications
  • Profound project maturation and documentation aids
  • IRIS qualified professional project management
  • Type- and qualification testing services by certified laboratory

Products and solutions for railway and infrastructure

Klippon® POK R Product innovation

Polyester enclosure with fire standard DIN EN 45545

The new Klippon® POK R enclosure series is made of robust, glass fibre reinforced polyester. The enclosures fulfil the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545 and are ideal for use in the railway industry. Thanks to their high IP protection class and IK impact resistance, they are also suitable for outdoor applications in the energy sector or for indoor use in the machinery industry. On request, we can also supply the enclosures fully equipped with terminals and cable glands.

Klippon® POK R
Your special benefits
  • Fulfils the requirements for the fire behaviour of materials and components in the railway industry
  • The enclosure is highly resistant to impact and shock loads
  • Thanks to its high degree of protection, the enclosure is secured against the ingress of foreign bodies and strong water jets

Compliant with all relevant Railway norms

For automation and communication technology on board of a train and outside at the Railway track the environmental conditions are highly ambitious. All components and interfaces must be able to withstand both the vibrations and shocks caused by a train passing over a Railway switch as well as temperature and weather condition in extreme climates like in the mountain's arctic region or even in the desert. On top, high fire protection requirements have to be fulfilled to ensure the safety of the passengers.

These challenging conditions are defined in the “Standard for Electronic Equipment used on Rolling Stock”:
  • EN 50155 – European Standard for Electronic Equipment used on Rolling Stock
  • IEC 60571– International Standard for Electronic Equipment used on Rolling Stock with minor deviation equivalent to EN 50155
  • EN 61373 – Shock and Vibration for application used in Rolling Stock
  • EN 50125 – Environmental Condition for Equipment in Rolling Stock
  • EN 50124 – Isolation condition – Basic requirements clearance and creepage distances
  • EN 45545 – Fire and Smoke
  • NFPA130 / ASTM E - Fire and Smoke criteria used in American Market

Weidmüller is IRIS certified

IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) Certification™ aims to improve the quality and reliability of the rail products through the supply chain by implementing a global system for the evaluation of companies supplying the rail industry. Weidmüller is IRIS certified since it was implemented and was the first company certified based on the new international standard ISO/TS 22163.

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