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Innovations Tools


PZ 2.5 – the smallest professional crimping tool for wire end ferrules

The handiest way to crimp

In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules. On average, however, 90 % of these connections are in a cross-section range of 2.5 mm² and smaller.

multi-stripax® – PV conductor stripping tool

Stripping PV conductors up to 10 mm²

Our new multi-stripax® masters the stripping challenges that arise in the photovoltaic industry. The stripping tool enables the effortless removal of insulation of up to 10 mm².

KT 40 & KT 50 – Our new precise cutting tools 

A better cut, a more reliable connection 

Our new cutting tools KT 40 & KT 50 ensure reliable connections between electrical and electronic components, which are made with a variety of cables and wires.

VT Digi Pro with TRMS – Voltage tester for up to 1500 V DC

Prepared for measurements of tomorrow

System voltages are exceeding 1000 V in progressively more applications. The VT Digi Pro is a reliable and versatile voltage tester for higher outputs in the day-to-day work of installation and maintenance teams.

Innovations Automatic machines

POWERCRIMPER VARIO – Automatic crimper for high process safety

Easy crimping for connectors and ferrules – safe, flexible, electrical

Our part-automated POWERCRIMPER VARIO provides more flexibility in cabinet building and thus creates real efficiency benefits.

Innovations Industrial printers

LPC-Tool – Automated component labelling

More efficiency in cabinet building with cognitive assistance systems

The LPC-Tool automates the time-consuming component labelling in cabinet building. By automatically assigning the appropriate DT, it facilitates the work process and enables assistance functions.

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